Auto FM Transmitter for Smartphones with Micro USB
  • Auto FM Transmitter for Smartphones with Micro USB

Auto FM Transmitter for Smartphones with Micro USB

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The easiest-to-use FM transmitter ever...
Designed for all smartphones with a Micro USB connector.

The FM transmitter is an universal product and will work with any phones. It has an integrated Micro USB connector for charging.

A powerful FM transmitter with an intuitive interface, so playing your phone on any FM radio (car or home stereo, boombox, whatever) is super easy.

Just plug the FM transmitter into the earphone port, press the Scan button and you're set the same FM frequency on FM tuner. It finds the clearest frequency to play your music through your car or home stereo speakers without hassles or wires. (Remember to recheck the phone earphone volume after the aux is plugin. Some phone models will decrease the volume when earphones is used)

Better yet, it will also works as handfree.

-One-touch setup & tuning: AutoScan finds the best FM frequency
-Bright illuminated display for easy viewing in any light
-Integrated Micro USB so you can charge your smartphone while playing.

-Output RF range (INTL): 87.6 MHz – 107.9 MHz

-Operation range: up to 9.1 m

If you use a case for your phone, make sure it has a large opening for earphone port.

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