DIY X10 Low Voltage Universal Module (UM7206)
  • DIY X10 Low Voltage Universal Module (UM7206)
  • DIY X10 Low Voltage Universal Module (UM7206)

DIY X10 Low Voltage Universal Module (UM7206)

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This module is a universal home control receiver module, allowing your to control low voltage appliances through X10. Suitable for a wide range of devices including garage door openers, security systems, sprinkler solenoids, thermostats and more.

The universal module receives an X10 home control signal and in turn responds by closing its internal relay. There are two screw terminals on the unit to connect your device to. A selector switch lets you choose whether the relay closure is continuous (will remain closed until an 'off' X10 signal is received) or momentary (relay will close for only one second). There is also a built in beeper which can be adjusted to work with or without the relay switching. The unit responds to the 'All Off' X10 command.

The UM7206 X-10 Universal Module contains an isolated contact relay and a piezo sounder(beeper). It can be set to operate as a beeper only, as an isolated contact relay or both. It can be set for momentary or continuous operation for the sounder and/or isolated contact relay. The isolated contact relay is rated for 5A at 24VDC. When set to continuous operation the relay contacts and/or the module beeps continuously when an "On" command is received. When an "Off" command is received the relay contacts open and/or the beeper stops. When set for momentary operation the relay contacts close and/or the beeper gives three or four beeps when an "On" command is received.

Require X10 compatible controllers including X10 transmitter or Insteon hub

Key Features
-On/Off control of isolated contacts to switch any kind of low voltage load.
-Can be set for momentary or sustained contact closure.
-Has a beep to use as an annunciator.

Price includes GST and one year warranty

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