Home Automation Insteon Plug-In Relay 2633-522
  • Home Automation Insteon Plug-In Relay 2633-522
  • Home Automation Insteon Plug-In Relay 2633-522

Home Automation Insteon Plug-In Relay 2633-522

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The multi award-winning, industry-leading INSTEON home automation system now available in Australia and New Zealand.

INSTEON® Plug-In Relay (On/Off)

A full-featured plug-in on/off switch that can be remotely controlled by any other INSTEON controller. This on/off module controls all standard appliances like lamps, appliances, fans and many other plug-in, non-dimmable devices.

-Easy DIY "plug and play" operation
-Add INSTEON control to your plug-in on/off devices
-Full local control (on/off)
-Super-quiet On/Off relay operation
-Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior reliability

Easy "plug & play" installation
The sleek, discrete INSTEON Plug-In (On/Off) module makes adding customisable remote control to your lamps and appliances as easy as plug and play. It's home automation at its simplest and most convenient.

How it works
Plug the module into any standard power outlet and then plug the device that you want to control into the module. Pair or add the module to your INSTEON Controller and then you're done...it's that easy!

What it can do
Adds INSTEON on/off control to any plug-in appliance or lamp. Here are just a few ideas...
-Non-dimmable lamps
-Audio/visual equipment
-Plug-in air conditioners
-Fountains & pool pumps
-Heated towel rails
-Electric blankets
-Plug-in fans
-Plug-in heaters
-Coffee makers
-Can be used with a relay to operate garage doors and more ...

Product Name: INSTEON® Plug-In Relay (On/Off)
Product Code: 2633-522
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
Warranty: 2 Years

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