iPhone 7/8 Screen Protector Nillkin Tempered Glass
  • iPhone 7/8 Screen Protector Nillkin Tempered Glass
  • iPhone 7/8 Screen Protector Nillkin Tempered Glass

iPhone 7/8 Screen Protector Nillkin Tempered Glass

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Brand: Nillkin
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Nillkin H+ Pro Tempered Glass screen protector for iPhone 7 (2016) and iPhone 8 (2017)
( Does not fit the PLUS version of iPhone 7 or iPhone 8)
-Amazing H+ 9H Hardness Real Glass (0.2mm Pro version)
*Due to Curved display, the protector is made slightly smaller.

When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. The same is true of screen protectors. Nillkin Glass Screen protector is made of AGC glass material manufactured in Japan. Thanks to the modern HARVES nano technology,the surface hardness increased to 9H which is 4 times of the PET films on the market.

-Protection – 9H surface hardness surpasses steel, offering superior durability and scratch prevention, as well as shock, heat and chemical resistance
-2.5D Rounded Borders and 0.2mm thickness
-Clarity – Crystal clear resolution and optical clarity far exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors
-Ease of Use – A special adhesive makes application and removal a snap
-Natural Glass Screen Touch Sensitivity
-Special coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.
-Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken

The new adhesive technology provides a worry-free application. Center the glass protector on the device and it will adhere automatically with a finger swipe.

Package includes:
1x Nillkin H+ Pro Tempered Glass Protector
2x Camera Len protector
1x dust removal tape
1x Alcohol wipe
1x Dry wipe
1x Microfiber Cloth

Price includes GST

Before application, make sure the screens are clean and free from possible grease stains or residue from other protectors.

Watch how easy to install Nillkin glass protector!

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