NFC Tags for Android Phones NTAG203 One Pack of 10
  • NFC Tags for Android Phones NTAG203 One Pack of 10
  • NFC Tags for Android Phones NTAG203 One Pack of 10

NFC Tags for Android Phones NTAG203 One Pack of 10

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This listing is for a pack of 10 tags

Get started with your own pack of 10 small, discreet NFC tags. Stick them around your house, in your car, or at the office to make life with your Android easier.NTAG203 NFC tags are circular in shape, have a 39mm diameter and are as thin as a piece of paper.

An NFC tag can contain bits of digitized information such as virtual business cards, website URLs, or even automate a number of tasks and functions on your mobile device.

NTAG203 Tags will work with all NFC enabled devices. However, they have only 137 bytes of usable memory.This is enough for most NFC launchers that change settings or launch events on a phone and for basic URL's or simple text as they hold about 130 characters. If you need to write a standard business card(Vcard), consider Topaz512 (Compatible with all phones) or Mifare 1k(limited compatibility)

Some ideas for how to use your NFC Tags:

-Put a NFC tag on your front door to toggle your WiFi

-Stick one at your meeting room entrances to silence everyone's phones

-Put one in your car to start your media player and turn on Bluetooth

-Put an NFC tag at your office that turns off your ringer and opens your to-do list

-Stick a NFC tag on your router that stores your WiFi information for your guests

-Never forget to set your alarm by programming one at your bedside

-Store your business card information and say goodbye to those embarassing moments when you've all out

-Start a timer for your favorite recipe in your kitchen

-For fitness buffs, put one on your gym bag or mobile phone armband to play your workout music and start your fitness tracking app

-Put property link in a tag and put it on your open home register.


-NTAG203 Chip
-137 bytes of writeable memory.
-3M adhesive back.
-Chip Diameter: 21mm
-Sticker size: 39mm in diameter, with PVC construction.
-Water resistant.

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