Home Automation Insteon Micro Relay 2443-522
  • Home Automation Insteon Micro Relay 2443-522
  • Home Automation Insteon Micro Relay 2443-522

Home Automation Insteon Micro Relay 2443-522

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Brand: insteon
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The multi award-winning, industry-leading INSTEON home automation system now available in Australia and New Zealand.

INSTEON is an advanced, dual-mesh home automation system that uses both electrical wiring (power lines) and wireless radio-frequency (RF) to communicate. Dual-mesh technology overcomes the shortfalls affecting many other automation technologies, providing a reliable, responsive, simple (yet powerful) home automation system.

Adding remote control to wired lights or appliances usually means replacing switches and a lot of expense - not any more. With INSTEON's new dual-band on/off micro-module, you can keep your existing antique, toggle or decorative wall switches while adding the customisable, remote control functionality that INSTEON offers. The micro modules require an Insteon Hub (sold separately)

How it works
This compact module installs behind your existing switch, giving it full INSTEON automation while retaining local control at the switch by way of sense wires. Connect the sense wires to any style wall switch to match any type of designer theme (antique, push-button, metal, etc.). The INSTEON Micro Relay (On/Off) module can also be installed as an in-line module within a fixture box, providing INSTEON remote control without having to run wires to a wall switch.

Product Name: INSTEON® Micro Relay (On/Off)
Product Code: 2443-522
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
Warranty: 2 Years

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