STARTER KIT 1 -Foundation for Your Home Automation System

This starter kit includes everything you need for a basic INSTEON system: An INSTEON Hub and 1 plug-in Dimmer Module and 1 indoor Appliance Module. Use the power of INSTEON to schedule your bedside lamp for sunrise and turn on a lamp in your entry at sunset. The INSTEON Starter Kit lays the foundation for your INSTEON connected home.

STARTER KIT 2 -Lighting and appliance Control Kit

You home as never been so smart: the Lighting and Appliance Kit features some of the most popular control products in the INSTEON family. This system includes: An INSTEON Hub to wirelessly control and configure your devices, 2 Lamp Dimmers, 2 indoor Appliance Module and. Control and configure lights in multiple rooms or take advantage of lighting scenes and watch all of your lights create the perfect mood; you're only just getting started.

STARTER 3 -Home Monitoring and Control Kit

Everything you need to keep an eye on your home when you're away; this system includes an INSTEON Hub for centralized control, an Open/Close Sensor for monitoring doors and windows, a Motion Sensor, a Wireless IP Camera with full pan and tilt capability and two Dimmer Modules. You're on your way to a DIY INSTEON security system with the Home Monitoring and Control Kit.